Since the Heldenberg memorial renovation in 2005, after decades of slumber, with its national exhibition and Radetsky memorial, much has been done in recent years to make the Heldenberg a focal point for excursions as one of the most important monuments in Austrian history. Through the investments of the state exhibition and the initiative of regional and state politics, a top excursion destination and a magnet for visitors has been created and continues to be expanded in the Lower Austrian wine region.

Today, the Heldenberg presents itself as a unique destination that offers seven realms of experiences in one place: The most famous horses, the greatest generals, the most beautiful cars, the oldest settlements, and the fastest birds inspire visitors and are offered with adventure excursions and discovery tours all-year round in Lower Austria.


Excursion destination Heldenberg - watch the famous lipizzans at training

Lipizzan Training Centre

Stories about the Lipizzaner horses, the visit to the stables with the new 2018 carriage exhibition, the Lipizzaner horses in the paddocks in the outdoor area, film and video presentations – everything about the surely most famous horses in the world makes the “The Lipizzaner at the Heldenberg” program an impressive experience not only for horse enthusiasts but for everyone. The Lipizzaner horses can only be visited as part of a guided tour.

excurcsion destination Heldenberg near Vienna - Koller's vintage car museum - a must see for all auto lovers!

Koller’s Vintage Cars

Koller’s vintage car exhibition presents the entire history of the car in a highly interesting way. More than 130 years of motoring are brought back to life thanks to exquisite modern classic and vintage cars. Here you can follow the development of the car from the carriage to the modern sports car. As well as cars, there are historic bicycles, motorbikes and tractors on display. There are over 100 exquisite cars from 70 manufacturers on display.

Radetzky memorial

The Radetzky memorial is the last resting-place of the famous Field Marshal Josef Count Radetzky and General Wimpffen. The entire site consists of a wide reaching park, with a pillared house, several obelisks, two victory columns, including a life-size statue of a young Franz Joseph I. The exhibition is newly arranged from the ground and offers a journey through the life of Radetzky via pewter-figure dioramas, the largest one showing the battle of Aspern with 3.000 tin-soldiers.

Stone Age village / Neolithic village

Stone Age village / Neolithic village

The area surrounding Heldenberg was settled as far back as the Early Stone Age. This is proven by the archeological finds that also made the reconstruction of the Neolithic village possible. As well as the buildings of this time, the focus of this exhibition is on everyday life with its various prehistoric manual activities. The circular ditches with a diameter of 40 to 180 metres, created around 5.500 B.C., are an impressive archeological evidence of high civilization at that time.

Aigner´s Falconry

A spectacular attraction, close to the Stone Age Village is the falconry centre providing insights into the life of native birds of prey but also breeds protected and endangered birds of prey so that they can be reintroduced to their natural habitat. During a walk through the falconry, you will encounter a variety of impressive predatory birds. Species-appropriate animal welfare is a top priority at the Falkenhof, where visitors can see and be convinced of the daily work for themselves and understand falconry.

English Garden

Around 1830, the so-called “English Garden” was created between Wetzdorf Castle and the Heldenberg. Over the time the garden became overgrown and wild but has since been saved from ruin and restored with great detail. In 2005, the English Garden was presented to the public for the first time – it’s winding paths invite you to take a leisurely stroll. The English Garden is ecologically maintained and is a show garden of a nature-friendly gardening.

Die neue Vinothek am Heldenberg

Regional wine boutique

The LPSM VINOTHEK is another interesting attraction in Heldenberg and the Schmidatal Manhartsberg Nature Park. Wine lovers can explore and sample excellent selected wines from vineyards in Heldenberg, Hohenwarth-Mühlbach, Maissau, Ravelsbach, Sitzendorf, and Ziersdorf. Snacks with regional delicacies complement the offering. Expert advice by the experienced team there will help you select from the more than 155 wines from over 30 vineyards, all at DIRECT PURCHASE pricing.

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