Excursion destination to the wine region near Vienna

The Heldenberg is located near Hollabrunn in Lower Austria and offers an extensive entertainment and excursion program with seven areas of themes and realms of experience.

Since the Heldenberg memorial renovation in 2005, after decades of slumber, with its national exhibition and Radetsky memorial, much has been done in recent years to make the Heldenberg a focal point for excursions as an unquestionably important monument in Austrian history. The top excursion destination has been a magnet for visitors in the western wine region since 2005 and is constantly being expanded.

At the foot of the Heldenberg, the historic journey begins in Koller’s Oldtimer Museum with adjoining its wine shop and the English Garden. We continue on to the animal realm: the famous white Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School and Aigner’s Falkenhof Birds of prey park. The Neolithic Stone Age village with a circular ditch and the Radetzky Memorial complete the excursion’s activity program near Vienna. A diverse experience for everyone.

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The Heldenberg video – mountain of superlatives

The Heldenberg has a lot to offer! Take a stroll in the English Garden, experience culture, and history first hand, or let Koller’s classic cars inspire you! This 3-minute video takes you through a short stroll around the mountain of superlatives.

Flying demonstrations at Aigner’s Falkenhof

Experience flying demonstrations close-up and learn how falconers work with and train their birds of prey. This video shows the hunting birds on their free flights. You will see: Peregrine Falcons, Saker Falcon, the kestrel, the eagle owl, the Barn Owl and many others.

Geländeplan Heldenberg

The ideal destination for all ages

The ideal destination for all ages

At the Heldenberg, there is much for children and families to discover, learn, and try out while having fun!

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