Children’s Lipizzaner adventure trail

The educational trail documents the history of the Lipizzaner stallion – Neapolitano Sessana. Pick up a scavenger hunt and stickers at the cashier’s counter and off you go to find the answers to the questions. As a reward for finding the right answers, you receive a lucky Lippizzaner horseshoe nail. For the children’s riding course, children can borrow a hobby stick horse and explore the terrain.

Stone Age village adventure

The impressive Stone Age settlement with many finds from the Neolithic period also includes a children’s program. On the “weekends,” children can try their hand at Stone Age activities. Through pottery, stone grinding and grain grinding, the children experience how people lived and worked during that time. If you want, you can also watch bread baking and try the delicious crispy bread from the original Stone Age clay oven.

The Heldenberg skill games

Skill games symbolize an entertaining journey through the facilities of the Heldenberg and the Schmidatal Manhartsberg landscape park (shooting with a bow and arrow and tossing horseshoes and rubber boots). Basket/play equipment is available at the cashier.

School program and school field trips

The Heldenberg offers interesting day trips and exciting school programs for all grades, either at Heldenberg only with its facilities and the special youth and children’s programs, or in combination with other nearby facilities that are easily accessible and cost-efficient.

Children’s play area inside the shop.

In the cozy children’s play area, there is reading material for our young visitors. There are also various games that can be tried out. The hobby stick horse rental station is also here for the children’s adventure path and the children’s riding course at the Lipizzaner.

Children’s birthdays at the Stone Age village and Birds of prey park

A popular and entertaining program consisting of a guided tour through the Birds of prey station and the children’s program in the Stone Age village. Interesting information about the local predatory birds, feeding, and a short flight demonstration will be presented. The bravest ones are allowed to help out with the birds. Then, the program in the Stone Age village which consists of archery, carving soapstone, or making jewelry. For a meal, sausages are grilled by the campfire with the children. A special gift for the birthday child completes the program. Duration approx. 2-3 hours, with booking. Further information can be found directly at

Nestling workshop in Falkenhof

For all interested and talented young falconers and for those who would like to become one. In our nestling workshop, children learn and discover their first skills in dealing with predatory birds. The workshop takes place weekly on the weekends (reservation required), each session lasting 1 1/2 hours. After completing 10 nesting workshop hours, the children receive an award and become a fledgling. Further information at

Falconry workshops and team building

It offers insights and basics of falconry, preparation for the falconry exam including a certificate, as well as workshops on the subject of team building using predatory birds.

Further information at

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