More than just souvenirs

In the Heldenberg Giftshop you will not only find models, books, posters and pictures of historical vehicles, but also souvenirs, products and presents for every occasion, including enjoyable and tasteful regional products.

For instance, there are many souvenirs commemorating the Lipizzans from the Spanish Riding School for young and old, toy horses, teddy bears, and also practical items like horse head keyrings, caps and shirts as well as Lipizzans made of rock crystal and much more.

As well as these, we have books and other souvenirs commemorating the great Austrian generals, the history of Austria and the Stone Age sites which make up the amazing overall experience at Heldenberg, as well as books about the beautiful Schmidatal region.

Regional wines, treats, and delicacies can be purchased in the Heldenberg Shop; specialties, such as the Lipizzaner gingerbread or the Lipizzan (horse) dumplings made of chocolate, are available exclusively here.

Children’s area

In the comfortably-designed children’s play area there is reading material for our little visitors. There are also toys that can be tried out there and then. Hobby horses for the children’s riding area near the Lipizzans can also be hired out here.